© Archives municipales de Bordeaux

To collect, to classify, to preserve, to communicate.

Those are the four regulatory tasks of the Bordeaux municipal Archives, to which can be added the tasks of circulation and promotion aimed at the largest audience possible.

The Bordeaux municipal Archives are a public service open to all, which help put together and circulate the sources of the city and its people’s history.

The team is made up of 18 people who carry out five missions:

1. Collect

Collect © Archives municipales de Bordeaux

Collect the archives produced by the different departments and public institutions of the city, as well as collections of private origin of which there are many in the Bordeaux Archives and which enhance the city’s memory thanks to its inhabitants and their organizations.

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2. Classify

Classify the collections, by sorting and eliminating where necessary, then producing research tools (inventories, files, research guides, etc.) which describe them and make it easy to find the required information.

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3. Preserve

Preserve © Archives municipales de Bordeaux

Preserve the archives thanks to packaging and restoration techniques that meet scientific requirements, in order to ensure that this heritage can be passed down to future generations.

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4. Communicate

Communicate © Archives municipales de Bordeaux

Communicate the documents to the public, in line with the preservation requirements and according to the legal time period for the release of documents.

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5. Promote and circulate to the widest possible public

Promote and circulate © Ville de Bordeaux, F. Deval - <div class="description"><p>Vernissage de l'exposition Sigma au CAPC, <br />ph : F. Deval, Mairie de Bordeaux</p></div>

Vernissage de l'exposition Sigma au CAPC,
ph : F. Deval, Mairie de Bordeaux

Opening of the Sigma exhibition at the CAPC, photo: F. Deval, Bordeaux Hôtel de Ville

Circulate and highlight the archives by initiating and promoting a variety of cultural and pedagogical activities, in particular the creation of pedagogical workshops aimed at schools, or the creation and participation in exhibitions and publications.

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