monumerique workshops

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Monumerique workshops, innovative educational itinerary aimed at middle and high schools, professional high schools and apprentice training centers in Aquitaine.


© Archives municipales de Bordeaux

Innovative educational itineraries

In order to develop educational projects beyond its walls, Bordeaux’s municipal Archives organize, in partnership with the agency Ecrit Cinéma Audiovisuel Aquitaine (ECLA), Drac Aquitaine, the Conseil Régional and the Rectorat de Bordeaux, innovative educational itineraries aimed at middle and high schools and apprentice training centers in Aquitaine.

Visits of historical sites and urban walks

This digital heritage education program makes it possible to explore a theme by first organizing visits of historical sites (archives, museums) and walks through the city, and then producing a work on the same theme using a selection of digital documents from the archive collections.

Digital productions created by school children

Each class selected by the agency ECLA Aquitaine, managed by a multidisciplinary teaching team and guided by a digital professional, uses these experiences as inspiration and produces an original digital production.

The Archives make the digital ensemble produced by this scheme available to the general public and give them the possibility to access the schools’ creations.

© Archives municipales de Bordeaux


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Suggested themes

Discover the body of archive documents and the school children’s digital productions.

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© Archives municipales de Bordeaux

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