preservation and the move

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How can we conciliate the moving of the collections with the preservation of the documents? It is a long-term project: the physical preparation of the collections prior to their transfer, design of a building in line with preservation standards. 

The archival storage preservation building

The preservation building’s very design, with high thermal inertia, reduces energy consumption and provides real stability of the climatic environment in the storage units.

Respecting temperature and hygrometric standards is a fundamental factor in the preservation of archive documents.

The physical preparation of the collections

Another aspect linked to the long term preservation of the collections, is the fact that in 2009 the collections began to be physically prepared.

In total it will have taken six years to prepare the documents and transfer them in order to ensure that the collections are correctly preserved.

In 2014, almost 8.5 linear kilometers (including 18000 photographs on glass negatives) will have been reconditioned in accordance with preventive preservation methods, creating a sanitary record, treatment protocols for dusting, packaging and proofing of the archives.

The purpose of all of these operations is to ensure that the transfer of the archives to the new building takes place under optimum safety conditions.

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Physical preparation of the collections