reproduction and use

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Specific provisions exist for the reproduction of documents, be it for personal use or for publication.

Reproduction of documents for personal documentary use

Unlike consultation, the reproduction of archive documents is not a right. It is a facility which may or may not be offered, depending on the condition of the documents or the technical means of the department.

Photocopies must be paid for and will be done by a member of the department, once the curator has given his agreement. Photocopies are forbidden for bound documents and works, large format documents, as well as burnt or fragile documents (tracings, india paper and newspapers). Copies on paper can be made from the available microfilms. Readers also have the possibility to take photographs of the documents themselves, without using the flash, and only once the curator has given his agreement.

On request and in accordance with the applicable tariffs, the department photographer can also produce digital photographic reproductions.

Reproduction of documents with a view to publication

It should be remembered that all reproduction of documents may be subject to copyright under the Code of Intellectual Property (law n° 92-597 of July 1st 1992).

Reproduction or representation rights are independent of performance rights and copyright for those works which have not yet entered the public domain. The user is therefore required to request the necessary authorization from the authors or beneficiaries. The Bordeaux Metropole Archives do not accept responsibility for any usage which has not obtained the necessary authorization. Reproductions requested in order to illustrate books, periodicals or other print products (CD-Rom, website, audiovisual media, etc.) are subject to a fee fixed by the City Council. A waiver may be granted, on request, for low circulation scientific works. In all cases, a reproduction contract must be set up with the Archives.