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To better serve you, the search aid tools have been designed for help with the most frequently searched items. Their purpose is to help you get oriented in the archives and to guide you step-by-step in your research.

My genealogy

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The genealogical search guide will help you in your research. All genealogical sources stored in the Bordeaux municipal archives appear in it (parish and registry acts, population and military census, election lists ...)

My house, my street, my neighborhood

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This guide invites you to discover the immediate and daily environment made up of the houses, streets and neighborhoods of Bordeaux.

The research axes are very varied and use most of our resources: discovering the history of your house, street, neighborhood means taking an interest in the people but also in the heritage, the economic and social life of your environment.

The archivist’s glossary

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As with each profession, the archivist has his own vocabulary. Here is a glossary of the most commonly used terms.

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