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You would like us to take care of your archives.

This page will inform you about the legal arrangements and the terms and conditions of use for the public.

Legal arrangements

You can entrust us with your archives in the form of a donation, a deposit, a legacy or a transfer in lieu. The donation, legacy and transfer in lieu imply a transfer of ownership to the City. This is not the case with a deposit which simply sets up a partnership between the depositor and the Municipal Archives. These four procedures are adopted following a resolution by the City council or by a decree from the mayor.

In all instances, it is vital to first contact the Archive curator in order to establish the interest of the collection for local history or its complementarity with the collections already held.

Terms and conditions of use by the public

Since there is no legal time period for communicability of private archives, the terms and conditions of consultation by the public are determined by agreement between the donator or depositor and the Municipal Archives. The most frequent solution is to adopt the time period as laid out for public archives in the heritage code


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